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Top 3 Concerns When Shopping For Health Insurance Online

Shopping for health insurance has become a very competitive business with hundreds, if not thousands of websites promoting themselves online.
Some of these are carriers themselves or captive agents. Others are online health insurance agencies or agents. Still others are just procuring prospects in order to sell this information to others that sell insurance.

There’s a maze of confusion between carriers, agents, prospectors, and others.
It really can be confusing and more so very frustrating when going through the process.

  1. Choose Websites Carefully
    • It is easy to just enter into a website that promotes health insurance and provide your basic information in order to get an affordable health insurance quote. The problem is that unless you are certain of what the website does with your information, you could be asking for trouble.Your information could be sold to anyone willing to pay for it. Then, you’ll start getting phone calls from someone you don’t know, selling you who knows what, without you even knowing if they are even licensed to sell health insurance.
  2. Get Quotes From Different Carriers
    • Don’t be pushed into just any carrier without first weighing in other options. Take the time and go through the exercise. Compare and review.
  3. Understand the Underwriting Process
    • Find out about the carrier you are applying for and their underwriting criteria. You don’t want to apply and be rejected for coverage. This can exclude you from getting coverage from another carrier.

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