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Facts About Health Insurance Rescission

Image: bobster855 under CC 3.0

One of the worst things that can happen to a person affordable health insurance-wise is having their policy rescinded. In many cases, they are kicked off their plan through no fault of their own.

The good news is that reform will both prevent the practice of unfair rescission and make it easier to gain justice.

The facts about the new regulatory climate:

  • Insurance companies now have little legal justification for dropping people: they will only be allowed to do so due to nonpayment or fraud.
  • The definition of fraud is also clarified. It consists of actively lying about any pre-existing medical conditions or diagnoses you may know have. Having a condition you don’t know about (even if it’s in your medical records, but a doctor hasn’t informed you of it) doesn’t count.
  • For consumers, the appeals process is also strengthened. Health insurance companies must give them at least 30 days advanced notice before canceling a policy.
  • The new rules take effect in late September.

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