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Don’t let COBRA strike while GI is Ready for Action

(Image: millermz under CC 2.0)

Whenever you have trouble with searching for health insurance, dont forget GI (Guaranteed Issue) is there. Don’t let COBRA be your only resort. COBRA is high cost health insurance offered by employers when you have been “let go”. Never fear GI insurance is a cost effective alternative health insurance for those of you deemed “uninsurable”. GI Takes the daunting task of insuring those with various conditions that would otherwise be turned away.

GI is, of course, not nearly as effective as Major Medical insurance, but for an affordable short term health insurance solution, or until you find new employment, GI can protect you from the dangers of COBRA; the dangers of not being able to afford your health insurance while you are unemployed or seeking work.

Don’t take your health insurance search lightly, bring in reinforcements, the agents at VitalOne are always armed to the teeth with health insurance plans ready for almost any situation. Their rigorous training and expert skills will help you find the right GI insurance for those with any condition. Send for reinforcements today!

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