What Is A Family POS Plan?

HMOs and PPOs are popular varieties of family health insurance plans, and for good reason. A POS (“Point of Service”) plan can be considered the best of both worlds. Your family will be able to utilize a network of health care providers, as well as go out-of-network if necessary.

With a family POS plan, your family will have a primary care physician as their “point of service”. This person will give you referrals to specialists in order to receive maximum coverage. If you want to, you can bypass the gatekeeper by using non-network care; however, doing so will leave you responsible significant deductibles and co-insurance percentages.

If you remain in network, the maximum annual out-of-pocket limit for the average family is about $4,000. In addition, there are only minimal co-payments associated with in-network health care with this all-American family health insurance.

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