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Point of service plans (otherwise known as POS plans), are a cross between a PPO and an HMO. Most of your health care is still controlled by your POS health plan, but this type of family health insurance offers some degree of flexibility. With a POS plan, you can POS plans work with a preferred network of doctors and hospitals. These networks have contracted to provide health care services to POS patients at discounted rates. You can go outside the POS network if you choose to.

First, you must select a primary care physician whom will serve as your “point of service”. Be warned that if you don’t choose a primary care physician, or if you ignore his or her recommendations, you may have to pay the entire cost of seeing an unapproved specialist at the time of service. This doctor will give you referrals to see any specialists, whether they are in-network or out-of-network. The latter will be covered by your PPO medical plan at a lower rate, meaning that you will have to pay for any remaining costs. Affordable family health insurance is the most when you stick with your POS health insurance plan’s network. Going out-of-network also means that you will have the responsibility to file claims and wait to receive reimbursement for services, paperwork that is usually handled by POS insurance plans when you stay in their networks.

Family health insurance POS plans have less expensive premiums and co-payments than PPOs, although they cost more than even stricter HMOs. Also, there is no in-network deductible with most POS health insurance plans. (Remember that out-of-network services do include deductibles, as well as higher co-insurance and co-payment rates.)  However, that savings results in less freedom from “gatekeepers”. For example, there is no self-referral in a POS plan.

When a family is looking for a POS insurance plan? First, the health insurance in a POS plan must fit your budget. Also remember to look at the approved provider network of POS health plan. Find out if all of your family’s doctors and/or specialists are covered in a family health insurance plan. Is there a specific doctor want to continue seeing? If so, make sure they’re on the list. Avoid conflict by ensuring that you like and trust your primary care physician to refer you to the services you need.

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