What Are Affordable Family HMO Insurance Deductibles?

These days, an increasing number of affordable family HMO insurance options require that you pay an annual deductible. Deductibles are the amount of out-of-pocket expense that you must incur before the family health insurance provider begins to pay a portion of the rest. For example, if you have a plan with a $1,000 deductible and a family member needs to be hospitalized at a cost of $10,000, your family health insurance will only cover a percentage of the remaining $9,000. The exact split depends on the co-insurance percentage specified in your policy.

Much of the time, a family health insurance plan will not count primary care doctor visits or other preventative care towards the deductible. Instead, you have a certain co-payment that must be paid on a per-visit basis.

Fortunately, you have a choice in deductibles when selecting your family health insurance coverage. Remember that premiums and deductibles have an inverse relationship: the higher the deductible, the lower the premium. You can get a family HMO deductible for as little as $500 or as much as $5,000.

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