Top Tips for Student Health Insurance

  • Use of the university student health center is included in your tuition, but the center only offers basic health care. On the other hand, affordable student health insurance that you buy from a private insurance company also covers visits to primary care physicians, specialists, and diagnostic centers, and hospitalizations.
  • Without good student health coverage, the cost of your medical care will come out of your (or your parents’ pocket). Covering medical care cost can become very expensive and without insurance medical expenses could leave you in financial ruins.
  • Good health insurance plans for students vary largely including benefits and cost. Read the details of the plan thoroughly to determine what coverage will work best for your medical needs.
  • Students health insurance policies from private health insurance companies offer flexibility, more so than the cheapest student health insurance sold by the university. However, those student health insurance plans are more expensive. Generally you get what you pay for with health plans. It is better to spend more money on a plan that includes the health benefits you will use.
  • Many uninsured young adults who are not healthy, or who fall ill, use expensive emergency room care as a substitute to seeing a primary physician. Young adults spend billions of dollars on such care. The best thing to do is buy affordable student health insurance and be prepared in the event you need medical care.
  • Young adults who have health insurance are more likely to receive preventative care. Having health coverage encourages students to receive regular checkups and screenings which allows doctors to prevent heath problems.
  • Choosing medical insurance can be challenging. It is important to compare the costs and benefits of different plans before selecting one for you. VitalOne health insurance agents can help you pick cheap student health insurance that best fits your needs.

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