What Should I Know About Student POS plans?

POS health plans are a generally reliable avenue for cheap student health insurance. If you are looking for some flexibility in choosing your specialist, you’ll want to go with an affordable student POS plan. A primary care physician will control your care, and give you referrals if you need to visit a specialist. However, if you wish to see a specialist outside of your network you will have that option.

Remember that going out-of-network will increase medical costs, add on around $300 per year in deductibles to your costs, in addition to increased co-payments and co-insurance. A POS student health insurance plan is more costly than a HMO, because it is less limited.

When you compare an HMO plan to a POS plan. A student HMO plan, which would force you to pay the entire cost of the visit out-of-pocket; In contrast a pos student plan will cover some of the bill. Still, students’ health insurance is most affordable when you remain within the network of your POS health insurance plan network.

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