Major Dont’s with Student Health Insurance

  1. College student health insurance should not be purchased without careful consideration. Instead, take time to consider different plans and compare costs to be sure you are selecting a plan that best suites your needs.
  2. Every company has different underwriting standards be sure you read through them to determine if any of listed standards will prohibit you from being approved medical student health insurance.
  3. Neglecting to low cost student health insurance puts your health at risk. Don’t put off finding affordable student health insurance. You could wind up in a bad accident or need of medical care that could put you in financial debt without coverage.
  4. Don’t be dishonest if you have pre existing conditions that you have received medical care for. The health insurance company will do a look back period which will review your health history. The most common allowable look-back period is 12 months, but can range from 0 months to no monthly restrictions. Companies reserve the right to exclude care for your pre existing condition or even deny you.
  5. Be sure you are purchasing health insurance from a reputable company. VitalOne licensed health insurance agents will help you find comprehensive coverage.

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