3 Reasons To Choose Short Term POS Health Insurance

Out of all the types of temporary health insurance available, POS plans may be some of the most misunderstood and least known. That’s a shame, since point of service health plans could be the ideal health insurance for you.

Here are several reasons to consider short term POS health insurance:

  1. Premiums and co-payments are relatively inexpensive. Deductibles are also low.
  2. You are not limited to in-network providers. If you have a primary care doctor, and that physician recommends that you visit an out-of-network specialist, most of the cost will be covered. This allows you access to the highest quality of care.
  3. The claim process is very convenient when you remain in-network; absolutely no paperwork is required on your end!

Call us to find out if this kind of cheap short term health insurance is your temporary solution.

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