Why Choose A Short Term HMO Plan?

A short term HMO plan provides comprehensive major medical insurance. It is typically the most generous type of short term health insurance in regards to coverage. This is one of the reasons why you might want to consider such a policy. No matter what happens to your health during the length of the policy, an HMO will probably cover a significant portion of it. In contrast, other forms of health insurance may leave you with a higher percentage of the bill.
Another advantage of this temporary health insurance coverage is that premiums are relatively affordable, especially for the level of coverage you receive. Doctor visits and prescription-drugs can be had with a nominal co-payment–usually anywhere from $10 to $50–which promotes preventative health care.
Its limitations, including the requirement of receiving referrals from a primary care physician and being confined to a single provider network, mean that HMO short term health insurance plans are not for everyone. However, they may be right for you.

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