North Dakota Health Insurance

There are about 67,000 uninsured residents in North Dakota. Trying to find affordable coverage in North Dakota that will meet your needs really should not be difficult. Choosing the right health insurance plan is one of the most important financial decisions you will make. Our free service will simplify the process for you! We work with all major health insurers in the state of North Dakota. We will explain the pros and cons of each plan and help you find an affordable plan that will cover your needs. There is no additional charge for our service and the rates are the same if you use us or go directly to the company. After we help you find the right medical plan, our service does not end there. We will be there to answer any questions, concerns, or help you through the claims process.

North Dakota Individual Health Insurance

Individual health insurance could be for you if your job does not offer a group plan. If your employer does offer group coverage that will likely be more affordable. If not, individual health insurance is another option. However, North Dakota law does not regulate how much you can be charged or the reasons why you can be charged a higher rate. The insurer has the ability to choose what factors will influence your rates, without limitation. Insurance policies in North Dakota are guaranteed renewable. This means that you have the guaranteed right to renew your policy at the end of its term, even if your health status has declined or you have incurred expensive medical bills. Keep in mind though, that your insurer may also be able to raise your premium in order to offset these risks and costs.

North Dakota Group Health Insurance

Most North Dakota health insurance providers will offer group health insurance. This is coverage businesses and other organizations purchase and offer to their employees. By including a health insurance plan in their package of benefits fraternal organizations and business associations have found they are able to strengthen their membership and gain new members. Businesses that include such a perk build employee morale and keep their best workers, and it can also be a key benefit to potential new employees. The advantage to this type of coverage is group plans are inexpensive compared to individual or family coverage because the cost of medical services can be spread among a larger group of people. Since the risk associated with small group health insurance is lower for the insurance company, they are also more willing to underwrite policies for those with pre-existing conditions.  In fact, all small group health insurance plans are required to be guaranteed issue according to federal law.

North Dakota Family Health Insurance

Family health insurance is one of the best ways to keep your family healthy in North Dakota. Normally, family health insurance plans consist on an individual (usually a parent or other adult) adding immediate family members to their policy. Affordable family health insurance usually costs less than having a separate health insurance policy for each person. Also, a family health insurance plan usually has a higher coverage cap or lower combined deductible than an individual one.

North Dakota Short Term Health Insurance

Temporary circumstances don’t need to leave you or your family uninsured. With short term health insurance, you will be protected if a medical emergency strikes. Cheap short term health insurance is similar to standard health insurance, except that temporary health insurance can last anywhere from thirty days to one year. A short term health insurance plan may be for you if there is a short gap in your insurance. For example, if you lost your job and have begun searching for new employment with health insurance benefits, affordable temporary health insurance can help bridge the gap. Short term health insurance coverage is also suitable for people who are recent college graduates or on strike. With affordable short-term health insurance, you have time to compare and contrast individual health plans and make it through the waiting period without feeling desperate.

North Dakota Student Health Insurance

Students in North Dakota are faced with the challenge of selecting and purchasing their own health insurance or supplemental insurance. Many are doing this for the first time. Others have gone without and perhaps haven’t weighed the risk of being uninsured. It is best to have coverage because you want to be prepared in the event of an accident.

The good news, experts say, is that by doing their homework, students can determine the kind of coverage they need and can often cut premiums substantially.