Massachusetts Health Insurance

We all know that good health is important. We also know that seeing a doctor even for routine preventive care can be costly. Medical care for a major illness or injury can cost more than most of us can afford on our own. Fortunately, you can get health care coverage to help manage these costs. In fact, Massachusetts law now says that if you live in Massachusetts and you are age 18 or over you must have a health plan.You now have access to many types of health plans and many ways to buy a health plan. You also have certain protections and rights from the state and the federal government when you buy and use your health plan.

Massachusetts Individual Health Insurance

If your employer or union offers a health plan, you will probably want to join that plan. Many employers pay part of the premium and may offer more choices than you could get on your own. If you do get your plan through your employer or union, they will choose the plans that they offer to you and they will buy the plan from the company. You can then choose the health plan that is best for you from the choices offered by your employer or union.

Massachusetts Group Health Insurance

A popular affordable health coverage option in Massachusetts is group health insurance. This is where employers offer a plan to its employees. By July 1, 2007, employers with 11 or more employees are required to provide health insurance coverage or pay a “Fair Share” contribution of up to $295 annually per employee. Employers must also offer a “cafeteria plan” that allows workers to purchase health care with pre-tax dollars or face a “free-rider surcharge” if employees make excessive use of uncompensated care.

Massachusetts Family Health Insurance

Keeping your family healthy is essential to enjoying the best quality of life. Family health insurance is one of the best ways to protect their health. Normally, family health insurance plans consist on an individual (usually a parent or other adult) adding immediate family members to their policy. Affordable family health insurance in Massachusetts usually costs less than having a separate health insurance policy for each person. Also, a family health insurance plan usually has a higher coverage cap or lower combined deductible than an individual one.

Massachusetts Short Term Health Insurance

Temporary circumstances don’t need to leave you or your family uninsured. With Massachusetts short term health insurance, you will be protected if a medical emergency strikes. Cheap short term health insurance is similar to standard health insurance, except that temporary health insurance can last anywhere from thirty days to one year. A short term health insurance plan may be for you if there is a short gap in your insurance. For example, if you lost your job and have begun searching for new employment with health insurance benefits, affordable temporary health insurance can help bridge the gap.

Massachusetts Student Health Insurance

Students attending college in Massachusetts should not go without healthcare. Infact, you will probably be required to get health coverage. If you are enrolled as a student in a Massachusetts college or university, you can buy a special health plan directly from your school. This Qualified Student Health Insurance Plan (QSHIP) is designed for students and is only available while you are an enrolled student.