3 Reasons To Buy An Individual HMO Health Plan

Buying individual health insurance can be a struggle. There are many different types available. How do you know what is the best individual health insurance for you?

HMO plans are one of the most common varieties of health insurance. Here are three reasons why an individual HMO health plan may fit your needs:

  1. You want comprehensive coverage; HMOs will cover both preventative care and catastrophic medical issues. No matter what happens, your health care will probably be taken care of.
  2. You want relatively low out-of-pocket cost; unlike other individual health insurance plans, an HMO tends to have a lower deductible. They often have co-payment guidelines, which mean that you will pay a nominal amount for each health care service you use, as opposed to percentage of the fee.
  3. You want lower premiums; since HMOs limit you to a certain provider network and require you to get approval from your primary care physician before seeing a specialist, they can keep costs down. This allows you to pay less every month for more coverage.

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