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There are many types of health plans available for individuals, groups, families, and students. You can even buy health plans for a short term period of time. If you have a pre-existing condition, guaranteed issue health insurance plans are also an option. When buying a health plan, your primary consideration should be how well it fits your needs. VitalOne Health offers a variety of affordable health insurance plans available from major providers. We can help you compare medical coverage and health insurance quotes in order to find the best healthcare for you.

VitalOne Health offers the following types of health plans:

Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO)

HMOs are the cheapest health insurance plans available. That is because HMO health insurance gives you less flexibility than other forms of health coverage. You must choose a primary care physician from the provider network of your HMO health insurance plan. That doctor must then refer you to any specialists or hospitals you visit (unless it is an emergency), which must also belong to that network. If you go out-of-network, you will be responsible for the full cost of treatment; on the other hand, staying in-network allows you to benefit from discounted rates. The sizes of HMO networks vary.

VitalOne Health can help you compare health insurance rates, allowing you to select the best health maintenance organization plan for you.

Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO Plan)

PPO plans consist of a comprehensive health care network of medical providers, which are covered by the PPO plan less a minor deductible or co-insurance percentage. Unlike a HMO, a preferred provider organization does not require you to select a primary care physician or receive a referral to visit a specialist. You can even utilize health care services outside of the PPO network, although doing so will be reimbursed at a lower rate. The trade-off for this increased choice is that co-payments are higher than those of other health insurance plans.

At VitalOne Health, we can provide you with affordable health insurance quotes for PPO insurance plans from multiple providers.

Point of Service Plans (POS)

A point of service plan is effectively the midpoint between a HMO and a PPO health insurance plan. You must select a primary care doctor from the network, but your PCP can give you referrals to either in-network or out-of-network specialists. With POS plans, going outside of the network will result in higher out-of-pocket costs, as well as the hassle of having to do the paperwork in order for your partial claims to be reimbursed by your health plan. Point of service health insurance plans are usually cheaper than PPO plans, since they force you to give up some control. However, they are slightly more expensive than HMO health insurance policies.

For many people, POS plans are the best of both worlds when it comes to a health plan. If you are considering a POS plan, VitalOne Health can provide you with a health insurance quote today.

Health Savings Accounts (HSA)

In recent years, health savings accounts have become increasingly popular health plans. HSA plans give you more of control over your healthcare. However, this type of health insurance plan also comes with more responsibility. It works by allowing you to deposit money–before taxes–into an HSA plan. That money can be used to buy approved medical products and services, such as co-payments for doctor visits, prescription and over-the-counter medications, and hospital stays. In most cases, HSAs are combined with high deductible health insurance plans. These plans come with lower health insurance rates, but with annual deductibles that reach into the thousands of dollars before your coverage begins.

This type of individual health insurance can save you money when compared to paying for these things with your taxable income, especially if you are relatively young and in good health. In that case, the amount you save on your health insurance premiums may outweigh the increase in out-of-pocket expenses. Ask VitalOne Health to help you select the best health savings account and high-deductible health plan combination that best suits your needs.

Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance

Guaranteed issue health insurance plans may be your health plan solution if you have a pre-existing condition. Unlike other types of health plans, this type of health insurance must cover all applicants, regardless of their health status. This health insurance coverage is helpful to those who have or have had high blood pressure, cancer, or diabetes, among other diseases. Guaranteed issue health plans are also available for those who are currently pregnant. Cheap health insurance is harder to find, since private health insurance providers do not want to cover someone who is already sick. Still, VitalOne Health has options for you.

You can buy a guaranteed issue health plan anywhere in the nation. In fact, some states actually require that all health insurance policies sold within their boundaries are guaranteed issue! The guaranteed issue affordable health insurance offered by VitalOne Health works with comprehensive PPO networks like Multiplan. This saves you money when you use in-network health care providers at lower rates. Compare guaranteed issue individual health insurance quotes with us today.

Life Insurance

What is life insurance? It is insurance that allows you to care for your family after you’re gone, through a previously specified lump sum that is paid out after your death. The primary life insurance types are term life, whole life, variable life, and universal life. Term life insurance is the most affordable variety of life insurance. The reason its life insurance cost is lower is because it only provides coverage for a set period of time. This time frame usually ranges from one to 30 years. You can buy term life insurance for as little as a $5000 face value or as much as millions of dollars. Whole life insurance, on the other hand, lasts for an entire lifetime. Variable life insurance is similar, but it allows more extensive investment options.

Several factors should be taken into consideration when deciding on how much life insurance to buy. A life insurance policy should cover at least several years of your annual income; therefore, if you earn a higher income, you should have a policy with a greater cash value. It should also take into account mortgages, loans, and other outstanding debts–this will lessen the future burden on your loved ones. It is also important that the monthly premiums for your life insurance policy are affordable. VitalOne Health offers policies from several major life insurance companies. Our licensed insurance brokers are here to assist you during this complex process and compare life insurance quotes.

Critical Illness Insurance

Critical illness insurance can be extremely useful if you are diagnosed with a major illness. It pays you a lump sum if you experience a major medical condition covered in the policy. Although it is typically referred to as cancer insurance, most critical illness insurance policies also cover other serious diseases, surgeries, and injuries. In addition to most types of cancer in all stages, this insurance also covers heart attacks, organ transplants, stroke, severe burns, paraplegia, blindness, or deafness. Unfortunately, your health plan often fails to pay for all of the costs associated with a critical illness, such as co-payments, deductibles, and co-insurance percentages. The money you receive from critical illness insurance can also be used for other purposes, which would help you focus on a speedy recovery by reducing stress levels: mortgage or tuition payments, credit card bills, or transportation and housing for your family and friends to stay with you if you must travel to a treatment center.

Several conditions can be bundled together–doing so is the best way to find critical illness insurance deals. A certain percentage of the coverage may be paid out to you upon your initial diagnosis, while more can be paid in the case of a recurrence or developing another condition. The younger you are, the more affordable critical illness cover is. You also need to be careful to know what conditions are excluded, and how long the waiting period before receiving payment is. When you compare critical illness insurance, you should make your decisions based on your income, outstanding debts, and any health risk factors that make you more susceptible to any critical illness. VitalOne Health is here to provide you with several critical illness insurance quotes.

Accident Insurance

The two main types of accident insurance are accidental death insurance, and accidental death and dismemberment insurance. The former is similar to life insurance, except that it only covers a person’s death that directly results from an accident (such as a car crash) as opposed to health-related deaths. The latter, also known as AD&D insurance, also covers certain severe injuries that are specified in the policy. Personal accident insurance rates are cheaper than standard life insurance with the same face value; accident insurance companies can afford to charge less, because is a smaller risk that you will die or be severely injured from an accident, as opposed to a medical condition not included in the coverage. However, you must be extremely careful when buying this offshoot of life insurance; they do not apply to any medical illnesses, drug overdoses, surgical errors that cause your death.

Accidental death insurance policies are meant to cover the higher cost resulting from a sudden death, including funeral expenses and emergency medical costs. Accidental death and dismemberment insurance normally pays out 50% of the policy upon losing one member of the body (e.g. limb, hand, foot, or eyesight in one eye), with the full payout given upon an individual losing two or more members. The money will help pay for medical care and accommodations needed after the accident. Supplemental accidental death and dismemberment or accidental death insurance is available with a life or health insurance policy, as are standalone accidental insurance policies. VitalOne Health’s licensed and caring insurance agents can provide you with AD&D insurance quotes or accidental death insurance rates. They will also assist you in comparing the coverage offered by various accident insurance plans.

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