Why Offer Group Health Insurance?

Group health insurance is bought by a company and offered to employees. Nearly 70% of Americans have health insurance through their employer or the employer of a family member. On a per-person basis, it is the most affordable health insurance available. It tends to be guaranteed issue, meaning that all employees are covered regardless of their pre-existing conditions. However, it’s still not mandatory to offer it, and more firms (especially small businesses) are going without it. Regardless, there are several good reasons for buying group health insurance.

The best group health insurance serves as a way to attract top talent to your company. Many prospective employees consider the benefits package when deciding where to work; offering quality group health insurance makes your company more competitive. Group health insurance can actually save your company money, unlike offering a higher salary, because it is tax-exempt.

Worried about the expense of group health insurance? You’ll be pleasantly surprised if you get group health insurance quotes. There are a variety of options available at every price point, from comprehensive coverage to the freedom of high-deductible plans. You can offer a single option or several group health insurance plans to your employees.

Employee morale will also be improved with group health insurance. Your workers will be healthier and more efficient, which helps boost profits! Whether you have a small business with under 50 employees or a large corporation, we can help you provide health insurance to your workforce.

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