Group Underwriting Policies

Group health insurance policies will not deny health insurance to people with pre existing conditions. However just as with individual health coverage, health insurance companies consider the health of all individuals who will be covered under the insurance. Here is a look at what most companies will consider in the underwriting process.

  1. Age – Individuals who are mature in age will cause premium costs to increase because they are more likely to use affordable group insurance.
  2. Number of people covered – Health insurance companies will consider how many people will receive coverage. For example, if family members and spouses will be included it will have an impact on the costs.
  3. Health history – Health conditions and diseases will be included in the underwriting process. Insurers will have a look back period to become aware of all medical conditions.
  4. Job – Some jobs are more risky than others which will also be taken into account and will increase premium rates.
  5. Lifestyle – whether a person smokes or engages in a hazardous hobby which exposes the individual to a greater degree of risk or disease, illness, or potential for accident.

National Coverage

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