3 Ways To Prevent Family Medical Health Insurance Identity Theft

There is no doubt that you want to keep yourself and your loved ones from suffering family medical health insurance identity theft. Not only can this type of fraud be very expensive, but it can also endanger your family’s health by putting false treatment information into their medical records.

Fortunately, here are three tips to help you combat this problem:
  1. Monitor your family health insurance statements as they come in. Even if a statement claims you don’t owe any money, call your insurer if it mentions health care you don’t remember your family receiving. It may be a sign that someone has stolen your (or a family member’s) identity for health insurance purposes.
  2. At least once a year, request copies of your benefits from your affordable family health insurance. These statements will list all of the benefits paid out by your insurance, and allow you to see if anything looks off.
  3. Monitor your credit report for any information about medical debts you may not recognize. Victims of medical identity theft are often left holding the bag and having to pay for the portion of expenses not fraudulently covered by their health insurance company. offers free, no obligation reports from each credit bureau to put your mind at ease.

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